The Growing Ambit of Information and Technology

The consistent change brought by the persistent launch of various fixed as well as wireless mobile phones, various technologies have also surfaced. Wireless networking is not the new concept which has become demanding theme at the present. With the launch of mobile phones in 1973, the networking technology is growing drastically. The usage of cell phones has bounced over boundaries and such geographical outgrowth in the utilization has unveiled the presence of Information Technology.

Encroachment of wireless networking and information technology

Information is essential in all regards. Be it personal, social, business, international or intra-national; a good update with latest information and techniques is imperative. And this all can be achieved by stay connected with internet. The computer is the main conduit through which we can gain as well as share our knowledge and information across. The advent of mobiles phones have dramatically changed the sharing of information. Now one can get every information through his mobile as well with the help of Wi-Fi and certain internet applications set in their diminutive mobile phone.

Nowadays we call them smart phones or PDA devices that serves many business people for their various tasks. They helps them to deal their major business assignments; to do instant messaging; to avail latest updates; to navigate their subordinates through file sharing and sending important mails. These great technology have miraculously replace the cumbersome laptops that had already replaced its predecessor, a desktop computer. Providing an uninterrupted connectivity with latest updates and information, these mobile devices have been proved to be a boon for the entrepreneur and business people.


The transmission of data in computers and laptops is done through binary ones and zeros. This same digital format transcription is used to the movement radio waves that transmits data to our mobiles or wireless laptops. The mechanism of Morse code transmits the info in the form of dots and dashes over radio. The radio device comes with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter transfers the radio signals whereas the receiver catch up the signal and brings the output. This is the same mechanism of a wireless mobile device and laptops too.

Gift of such growing technology has brought us to the new arena where we can execute our ambitions with our growing sectors and increase our economy.

VoIP Technology Information

The word ‘developing’ often shows greater promise than ‘developed’. For, the later has reached a satiation, while the former has a late of scope to explore. In keeping with this, India is showing a lot of promise to the world. In fact, it is not uncommon that a westerner is coming to India to find a suitable work. Since the market of this second most populous country is growing fast, the businesses are sensing India as a potential market.

Naturally, you may soon find yourself or your friend in India. This is why it is important to learn the pros and cons of the international calls to India. Otherwise, it may be a bit complicating to make affordable calls back home.

Information Technology in India

Like the rest of the world, India too has witnessed a boom in the sector of Information Technology. Still, the availability of high quality communication has remained a great problem. So, the first step to find out the best solution, you should remember that you need to give a bit of effort.

The complexity of communication in India

The scene is more complicated in India since new companies are coming in every day. Naturally, the abundance of alternatives will make the choice difficult for you. To make the situation even more difficult is the appearance of the plans that they offer. They may seem impressive in the initial stage. But, in the long run, they may turn out quite opposite.

VoIP technology: the right choice

However, the pleasant relief from all the confusion seems to be the Voice of Internet Protocol or VoIP. This is a path breaking evolution of the communication technology. Thanks to it, people can now have an alternative for the mobile and telephone bills that are soaring high constantly.

So, if you are looking for cheap calls to India, VoIP is the right choice. In fact, the technology will enable you to call from India to the other parts of the world as well. One of the greatest advantages with the VoIP is that you don’t have to think about the different plans and to find out the best of the lot. Also, you don’t have to make a big investment to avail this service. Of course, you have to invest once and there is no recurring charge.

The things that you need to enable the VoIP service is a computer and the broadband internet connection. Along with it, you need to have the VoIP software, a headset and a microphone. These things will make sure that you can make international calls in really reasonable price.

VoIP offers plenty of other advantages as well; you don’t have to stand in the long queue to pay the bills. Along with it, it offers the highest level of quality in terms of connectivity. Again, there are no hassles of roaming as well. So, no matter where you go, you don’t have to bother about the call charges.

Does Technology Information Instantly Incite Inner Stress? If Only Nikola Tesla Was Around Today!

Technophobia is the irrational fear of technology. There are individuals who swear they can’t understand technology or that they “dislike” it but it’s really about being afraid of technology. There are stress management strategies however that can help those who have this irrational fear, and no it doesn’t mean being locked in a closet with Bill Gates and a window called, Vista.

A technophobe will not admit that they are scared of handling a computer mouse, instead, this type of individual will probably dismiss the fear and announce something like: “I just am not the techie type”.

What makes it even more painful for the technophobe is that they are confronted with technology every day. People everywhere carry cell phones; lap top computers; Iphones and Ipods. Even kids are now expected to know how to download games into their PSPs. E-books are a trend and huge book encyclopedia collections that used to fill a whole bookshelf are OUT.

There are ways however to teach a technophobe NOT to freak out. Stress management techniques such as exposing the technophobe to the convenience of technology may work. For instance, if the technophobe loves music, start with giving them an Ipod loaded with their favorite songs. Baby steps do work to battle the stress suffered by one who goes into a nervy mode brought about by “too much technology”. Thus, do not expose the technophobe to heavy hands-on excel or word document materials right away. Instead, have them watch a soothing relaxing YOU TUBE video or maybe ask Steve Jobs to give them a back rub.

Talk to the technophobe with honesty and patience about their problem. Explain that life today means having to accept that there will always be technology. Use humor and logic – ask questions like: “Do you still believe that an hourglass is safer than a wrist watch?”. Remind the technophobe that they are no longer living in the medieval ages. Remember though, that there is a difference between humor and sarcasm, even though you show up for dinner at their house dressed as King Arthur or Maid Marianne.

Most of those afraid of technology will learn to fight their fears by rational thinking. Remind them that when the first man first discovered fire, he probably panicked wondering what it was. But later he learned that his fears were unfounded and that it was a service to his community (and later to the human race) to have discovered fire. Just as long as he wasn’t a pyromanic. Remember to keep your tone always light, sensible and humorous and soon the technophobe will learn to realize that their fears about technology are all baseless. And then you can address them as Mr. Edison.

Sure it may be difficult helping a technophobe at first. They are types who have a penchant for resisting change so expect them to initially resist all your arguments, however logical they may seem.

Humor and logic help the technophobe more than forcing them to hold a computer mouse. Stress reduction techniques like creative visualization are also effective. Tell your technophobe friend to close their eyes for a moment and imagine that all is alright with the world as they see themselves making millions in their new online business! And then quietly tip-toe out of their and spend a good two hours surfing all by yourself, because by this time all the stress that you got them to reduce is now all on you!

Technology Information Sites Lack Visionaries with Passion

Not long ago a gentleman asked me to write an article on rapidly advancing communication technologies for a high-traffic, well-known technology website, which discusses future innovations on the horizon. After agreeing to do this and submitting my first article, I felt that there was something missing to the project. And having passion for the future of technology and what it can do for humanity, I felt it the right thing to do, to take a stand.

Thus, I did the only thing a true passionate personal-tech spokesman could do, I sent them an email and stated that; I was thinking out-loud here and wanted to give you constructive criticism:

You know what is so unfortunate? When you asked me to write about 5-10 years out on communication technologies and I, in an email, started discussing “Mind-Thought Swapping w/Computer Interface” you told me that people would think that I was crazy and I should not mention that? Then you told me to write about “challenges” with future technology when discussing this stuff, well there are very few challenges that I see, that are even viable as excuses.

Next, you accepted a crappy article from me, telling me it was “good” but in reality it isn’t, it totally lacks a “true” snapshot of where we will be in 5-10 years. I think the article sucks, but it is not because I cannot write a good article or I do not know what I am talking about, it is because you have set your expectations too low to that of the rapidly advancing technologies. You and I read all the same stuff on the Internet, as far as technology is concerned, yet you do not wish to talk about the reality of where this is taking us. Still you position your website as a “Futurist Tech Site” and then wish to have articles that are for the average science reader?

The fact is that mind-communication will be here very shortly, but as an editor you are looking towards what people are ready to believe, rather than what is going to be in the near future. Thus, you are slowing down the forward progression of the human species, by your caving to the common perception out there for money and popularity, rather than enlightening people.

On top of that, you tout your group experts based on degrees earned in various colleges and universities, making me feel bad for leaving college to become an entrepreneur in the real world – I just don’t get it, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and so many others left school, just like I did? Where is your PASSION? The site looks and feels real nice, but where are the visionaries? Where is the juicy stuff, where is the meat.

Now, I know as an editor that you want to keep the content and concepts discussed sell-able, but if you are a real entrepreneur, tying industry with science and futurism, then you must figure out a way to make the site and its information sell-able. And yes, you must still give people a more reality based perspective from a futurist standpoint of what is coming, get them excited about it, but you should not be regurgitating and purporting the general debris and mass media academia scientific fog. We really need to get a jump on the future of things if mankind is to be ready for it.

Anyway, that was my thought, and I do not mean to be too critical, just saying, I think people deserve more and I know I want more from a site like yours. All the great science in the world is worth nothing without the applied part, the ‘killer aps’ and the problems it can solve – In my humble opinion.

Now, me as a futurist, Political, Sci-Fiction and Business Writer – you are probably thinking that I should not be telling editors how to run their websites, TV programs, how to write or which books to publish. But when someone has passion for something, they tell it like it is, besides, I am retired at forty as an entrepreneur Franchisor, so, well, I just call it how I see it. I would advise you if you are a website owner, publisher, documentary producer to think about this. We need better content on the Net, TV and in our Futuristic Books. So think on it, it is time to take this to a whole new level.